1 Year
10 Years Quality
High-efficient Penetration for 60S Beauty Skin

The cavitation of supercavitation will cause the bubble to rupture, and the instantaneous high pressure will be generated when the microbubble is formed, which will help the skin care nutrition penetrate into the deep layer of the skin, accelerate the absorption of the skin by the skin, and make the skin smooth and elastic.
Ultrasonic Penetration,
Doubles the Beauty

Ultrasonic warm therapy, help to change the permeability of the skin's stratum corneum, introduce the
macromolecular substances deep into the skin,
remove the deep dirt and smooth the skin.
Multi-spectral and Wide-angle Beauty

Red spectrum for rejuvenation, blue spectrum for
sterilization, green spectrum for brightening, and
multi-spectral makes effect doubled.
Three Selectable Modes

180Ultrasonic vibration mode for massage and
soothing with rapid and precise penetration.
Warm therapy for essence absorption promotion.
Photon mode, whitening and rejuvenating,
repairing acne and acne marks.
For better experience, we recommend you to
use UPBUTY moisturizing essence.
Ingenious Details

Skin-friendly anti-allergy zirconia, promotes
high-efficientabsorption and soothing effects.
Unique magnetic ring design for better fixing the masks.
Magnetic charging to reduce plug damage and enhance the efficiency.
Compact size and easy to carry
UPBUTY Day and Night Masks for Better Effects

For better experience, we recommend you to
use UPBUTY day and night masks respectively.
TINAZ Smart Mask Device, realizes 60s masks essence high-efficient absorption.
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R2-in-1 Sonic Facial Cleansing Beauty Device

Intelligent Magnetic Heads Changing

Suitable for Various Skin Care Demands

Won the German IF
Product Design Award

Janpan S-CAVITY Invention Patent

Technology and Ultrasonic Warm

Therapy, Realizes 60s Masks Essence High-efficient Absorption

Instantly high pressure and deep sound waves accelerate skin care and nutrient absorption, rejuvenate and brighter skin.

Skin-friendly Anti-allergic Zirconia

Excellent Introduction Performance

Double the Promotion of Nutrient


Excellent heat insulation function of zirconia is better for the skin,with

gentle massage and enhanced introduction effects, promotes smooth

and elasticskin.

Wide-angle and Multi-spectral Skin

Soothing and Whitening

Enlarged zirconia surface, improves the efficiency of spectrum action,

sterilize and anti-inflammatory, collagen regeneration, fine lines soothing and skin whitening .

Apply Masks Everyday but with Dissatisfied Effect?

Age Gaining with Darker

Skin Color

Poor Skin Condition with Acne Scars and Skin Inflammation

Collagen Loss, Getting Older

Ordinary Mask Takes a Long


Dissatisfied Absorption Effect

from Ordinary Masks

Slow Absorption, Cost too

much Time

Size of Other Mask Treatments are too Big

Professional Skin Care, Pleasures Your Experience
Collagen Generation
60S Mask Essence
Facial Anti-inflammatory Sterilization
Removes Facial Dirt
Balance Water and Oil
Skin-friendly and Anti-allergy
Compact Size
Brighten Skin Color
Reduce Acne and Acne Scars
Beauty Skin Plan, Starting from TINAZ
60 seconds every day, enjoy your fabulous beauty
Take the Main Body
Ultrasonic Vibration
Warm Therapy for
Take the Main Body
Basic Information
Color: Cherry Pink/Royal Blue
Size: Φ60.8*26.7mm
Interface: 1-button
Material: ABS+Zirconia
Weight: Main Body 106g/Package Box 47g
Lithium: 600mAh
You will receive

tinaz,warranty card, manual, charging cable and pouch in the package.
Notes: Due to different production batches, the accessories in the package shall be subject to the actual product.
Strong Partner, Ensures Superior Quality
Strategic Partner
COSMAX is one of the world’s largest OEM/ODM cosmetics manufacturers, cooperates with many of the world’s top
cosmetics brands. The registered capital is about 10 billion. The factory is certified as an international CGMP excellent
cosmetics manufacturing and quality management standard qualified enterprise.
Some brands that partner with COSMAX:
Safety Certification for Worry-free Usage
Convenient Logistics, Long warranty
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1 Year


10 Years Quality


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