Privacy Protection Policy

Protect your privacy

Data privacy is very important for UPBUTY, and we want our approach to personal data to be open and transparent. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and website visitors. Given this, we’ve formulated policies for collecting personal data and how to process and protect your personal data. You will also have the opportunity to monitor our data collecting process and make suggestions. In brief:

Your data will only be used to improve our services and your usage experience.

Protecting your data from unauthorized access is our top priority, including preventing unauthorized data access, editing or sharing.

We are committed to delivering all important information with the clearest and most concise way.

You can choose what and how to know information and contents from us.

All personal data (if not important to our analysis) will be deleted to prevent redundant information from occupying our system.

Who is the controller of your personal information?

As required by applicable data protection laws, the information submitted by you will be controlled and protected by UPBUTY Co., Ltd.. UPBUTY Co., Ltd. is incorporated and operated in accordance with Japanese laws.

More details of UPBUTY are as follows:

Address: 東京都台東区東上野三丁目33番9号 戸辺ビル5B号室

Registration No.: 0105-01-042762

Legal ground for data process

Your personal information is collected and processed for the following reasons:

-  Perform contracts participated in by you

-  Perform our legal obligations

-  Marketing and other legitimate interests

Legitimate rights

Include the following contents:

-  Collect your personal information to provide you the best customer experience

-  Operation request required by internal process

-  Meet your requirements for our services and products

-  Prevent fraud

-  Will only be used in our internal marketing, research and product development

How we collect your personal information

-  Online shopping (when you place an order)

-  Direct selling (when you register and subscribe our newsletters)

-  When you register a UPBUTY account

-  When we provide services and communicate with our customers

-  When you subscribe to our official social media

-  When you use our UPBUTY mobile app

Your information may also be automatically collected during visits to our website, including the device used and pages visited by you. Such collection is realized by cookies and similar technologies. For more information on cookies, please refer to the cookie section below.

Why we want your personal information

-  Processing and delivery

-  Payment and refund

-  Send service messages via text message, e-mail or other means

-  Provide customer service, support, return and warranty claim

-  Detect and prevent all forms of fraud

-  Protect and guarantee the safety of our website

-  Show you our ads during your visits

-  Provide you with information about our products and services, promotions, discounts and news based on your preference and wishes

-  Improve our website and mobile app

What data will be collected by us

-  ID and contact information (e-mail, name, surname, address and phone number)

-  Finance and transaction information (credit card, payment details provided by the third party payment processor)

-  Personal information (name, surname, e-mail, password and other optional user information: sex, time zone and birth date)

-  Technical information of the devices used to access UPBUTY website or mobile app (IP address, log-in data, browser information, time zone, language, browser plug-in type and version, operating system, etc.)

-  Marketing and contact information (e-mail, name, surname, sex, time zone, region, country, shopping date, IP address, order date, products purchased, subscription source, order ID, user ID, subscription date and latest modification date)

Personal data retention timespan

As long as your account exists or you need us to continue to provide services, including up to 10 years warranty, or you need report and trend analysis support (if you need our contact information, please reach our Customer Service), we’ll continue to keep your information.

If it is required by laws, we’ll continue to retain some of your information even if your account is cancelled or no services are required from us.

Data used for direct selling will be saved till our user cancels his/her subscription or his/her account stays inactive for more than one year.

Share information with third parties

We don’t or will notsell any of your personal information to any third parties, including your name, address, e-mail or credit card information. We wish to gain and maintain your trust in us, and this is why we believe doing so is crucial to us.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we will share your data with organizations of the following types as mentioned in our statement, which is an essential step when we provide services to you.

-  Associates and manufacturers who need to understand the implementation of the purchase agreement or the internal processes and procedures

-  Credit card issuer who need to know the order information, and payment service provider who needs to fulfill the purchase agreement by providing payment and banking services

-  Operator providing orders or related services

-  Other service providers and any third parties participating in data processing

-  Any other third parties that we should work together legally, such as law enforcement agency, other governmental agency and related parties

-  Any third parties that conduct investigations among our customers

We may be required to submit anonymous information pooling of our customers and related analysis to any third parties, and we will ensure your ID cannot be recognized before doing so.  

Your rights

-  The right to your personal information collected by us. You are entitled to ask for your personal information collected by us at any time, which will be sent to you by e-mail after your request.

-  Right to access. You are entitled to obtain a copy of the data in a structural, frequently-used and machine readable format to the extent they are your personal materials, and we'll transfer it to you or any other parties as required. You also have the right to ask us to send your data element to you or to any service providers.

-  Right to amend. You shall have the right to amend your personal information in case of any incorrectness, including the right to supplement incomplete personal data.

-  Right to delete. You shall have the right to require us to delete, terminate processing or collecting any of your personal information.

-  Right to cancel processing of your personal data based on legitimate rights. UPBUTY will not continue to process your personal data if such request is raised by you, unless we have legitimate reasons to continue to do so, or it is our legal obligation or responsibility to do so.

-  Right to refuse direct selling. You are entitled to refuse direct selling, including data analysis started for direct selling.

To sum up, as our customers or website visitors, we have the right to collect and process your personal data. If you would like to exercise your rights or need any help, or you have a complaint to make or have questions to raise, please feel free to contact us (for more details, please refer to the “contact information” part below).

About cookies

They refer to the small text files sent by a website and stored in a user's web browser when he/she browses the web page. When some day in the future you visit the same website, the website can retrieve the data stored in the cookies and notify activities initiated by you previously, and thereby distinguishing you from other users who use the website.

How to use cookies

-  Long-term cookies are used to store your personal details and usage preferences after log-in.

-  Cookies are also used to store information about your favorite products.

-  For example, session cookies are used when you add items to your shopping cart

-  The first-party and third-party cookies are used to collect statistical and personal data of users through analytical tools to improve our website and provide you promotion information.

-  The third-party cookies are designed to track users’ cross-site behaviors to provide them promotion information on other sites/channels.

Some third-party cookies are set by such service providers (such as twitter, Facebook etc.) indicated on our page and are not within our control. The use of these cookies is subject to users’ capability to share information.

By using our website, you agree we put such cookies on your devices and further use them in your future visits to our website. Provided that you want to delete any cookies stored on your computer, you may do so through the settings in your browser.

For more information on cookies, please visit

Please note that if you delete or disable any cookies, it may affect your use of certain features of our website, which may bring adverse impact to your usage experience.

Privacy statement update

We may update our privacy statement version. We’ll post the privacy statement of the latest version on our website so that you can access to our website at any time to learn about any updates and amendments.

This statement is released on June 30, 2018.  

Contact information

If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding our privacy statement, please feel free to contact our Customer Service by email at

In addition, we’ve assigned a Data Protection Officer to ensure your personal information will be consistently processed in an open, accurate and legal manner.

You may send your questions to our Data Protection Officer via the following e-mail:

 Work Time
Mon to Fri :9:00-19:00
Sat to Sun :9:00-18:00
 Contact Details
Tel:+81 50 5534 5830