UPBUTY brand isestablished by Upbuty Company in Tokyo, with its professional team constitutedby the top experts and elites in the field of cosmetic medicine and skin inJapan and the world. After several years of painstaking research,UPBUTY has successfully innovated and developed flagship products including inventionpatent technology of "S-CAVITY" fast deep import, angle-adjustablemicro-current lifting & pulling compactness instrument of the globalpioneering invention, multi-function lifting& pulling and Dead Sea maskadsorption beauty apparatus, ultra-performance ceramics "S-CAVITY"mask eye mask, essence milk and other ultra-performance import & exportinstrument,

multi-function RF cold compress import & export instrument,professional multifunctional household desk-type beauty apparatus, etc.Therein, V20 head-replaceable face-washing warming import instrument won Germany IF Beauty Product Design Awards in 2018. As for each innovative  productconducted. The performance and efficiency of product is in a world leadingof UPBUTY, a mass of clinical tests as well as user experience have beenlevel. This has greatly enhanced people's daily efficiency of skin care.


Originated from an old Japanese legend "spring of youth" and with "Applying scientific and technological toexplore the mystery" explained in the brand, we have made full use of the latest science and technology toconstantly explore the mystery of the skin. To follow the concept of "Take UPBUTY beauty time machine to realize the dream of anti-aging skin"in the development of the brand and to ensure the balance of facial system, we have worked deeply with the world's largest skin care company COSMAX to conduct a series of skin care research on stability, special dosage, new dosage and skillfully combine cosmetic instrument and skin care products, which have greatly improved the efficiency of skin care and bring convenient, fast, scientific and comprehensive cosmetic experience to every user in the world.


UPBUTY is founded by UPBUTY Co., Ltd. in Tokyo with top medical beauty experts from all over the world.
Through years of intensive research, it has successfully developed "S-CAVITY" rapid deep absorbing technology,
and several flagship products such as the world's first intelligent angle adjustable microcurrent lifting and tightening device, smart mask instrument and others, among which the UF20 head replaceable cleanser and hot massager
was awarded the 2018 German iF Design Award. Each innovative product of UPBUTY with world leading
performance and efficiency has undergone a lot of clinical testing and experienced by a lot of user. It has greatly
improved the efficiency of daily skin care.
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